24/7 Incident Response

How a company manages the initial period following a serious workplace incident is critical.

Serious workplace accidents are traumatic events that can have significant long-term effects on your business and your employees. Decisions made in the immediate period following a serious incident or fatality can influence company and individual legal exposure, workforce confidence and your brand.

Dreher Legal’s 24/7 Incident Response provides immediate on-site and over the phone legal advice to clients at this critical time. Crucially, we assist clients in minimising corporate and personal legal exposure which is often at its highest immediately following an incident, when people are trying to process what has occurred and why. This is because:

  • individuals are made aware of the powers of the regulators and the police – and of their own rights and obligations – before they interact with them
  • decisions on appropriate incident notificationare informed
  • the attachment of legal professional privilege is made early
  • the creation and dissemination of potentially damaging documents and correspondence is controlled and containedby the business
  • media strategies are considered and developed early for brand protection

For detail on regulatory incident investigations that often follow workplace incidents, please see our Incident Investigations page